Welcome to Chikarapedia: Your Home For The Ongoing History of Chikara and more fun things.

We are only in beta right now, but hopefully we will become the complete source for the history of Chikara and its wrestler's ongoings.

How Can I Help?

Write stuff! Register and you will be able to edit pages. Just click the little blue questions marks on any topic that you see.

What Should I Write?

Everything! We want match histories, who guest starred at what show and who the wrestled, the pop culture references, the gimmick matches, the funny bits and everything else that makes Chikara the best wrestling company in the world.

What Shouldn't I Write?

Boring stuff. Who the wrestlers are underneath their masks, who booked what and everything else that really isn't all that fun. The Chikarapedia is meant to exist inside the Chikara universe and not in the boring real world.

How Do I Work This?

Honestly? We're new to it ourselves. I added a little help page here that I will be adding to as I figure more stuff out.

The software we are using is called Tiki Wiki(external link) and they have some great documentation(external link) to help get you started.

Me no know how to write!

You can also help by simply helping to connect the pages by adding links. If that is too much work for you then please enjoy the pretty pictures.